Discover the pleasure of summer with our honey box!

Do you want to experience summer in the sweetest way possible? Then our Summer Honey Box is just the thing for you! Immerse yourself in the delicious variety and let yourself be seduced by four irresistible types of honey that are perfectly suited to the warm days.

  • Tropical Fruit: Exotic fruits such as sun-ripened mangos, juicy passion fruit and refreshing pineapple bring a tropical flair to every moment of enjoyment.

  • Sweet Chili: Honey meets the spicy spiciness of chili - an exciting taste experience that will invigorate your senses and amaze you.

  • Summer Coconut: Creamy coconut combines with mild spring honey and takes you to a tropical beach, even if you are just sitting on the terrace.

  • Liquid Peppermint: Golden liquid honey with a refreshing peppermint flavor - like a refreshing sip from a cool summer cocktail.

With our summer honey box you have found the perfect companion for warm days and balmy nights. Whether you are barbecuing with friends, picnicking in the park or just enjoying a sweet treat in between - our honey varieties will make your summer moments unforgettable.

Ready for the ultimate summer treat? Order your summer honey box today and experience the taste of summer, packed in every jar.

The set contains 4 jars of 250g each.


Peppermint in honey
Ingredients: German blossom honey,
Peppermint essential oil 0.01%.

Coconut in honey
Ingredients: German blossom honey,
Coconut fruit powder 1%.

Chili in honey
Ingredients: German blossom honey,
Chili powder 0.5%.

Mango, passion fruit and pineapple in honey
Ingredients: German blossom honey,
3 % fruit powder (mango, passion fruit,

Frequently asked questions about our honeys

Everything you need to know about our honey

What is special about this honey?

Our honey is carefully sourced from local beekeepers and represents the highest quality and purity. Each variety has its unique flavors and health benefits.

Is the honey certified organic?

Our honey is not certified organic because we work with small beekeepers for whom organic certification would not be affordable. This enables us to offer you high-quality and diverse types of honey.

How should I store the honey?

Store the honey in a cool, dark place. Direct sunlight and heat can affect the quality. Close the jar tightly after each use.

How long does the honey last?

Honey theoretically has an almost unlimited shelf life if stored properly. However, each jar has a best-before date, which is indicated on the label.

Can honey crystallize?

Yes, crystallized honey is a natural process and a sign of quality. You can liquefy it again by gently warming it in a water bath.

Is the honey suitable for vegans?

Honey is an animal product and therefore not suitable for a vegan diet. We recommend it for vegetarians and anyone who appreciates natural sweeteners.

What is the best way to use honey?

Honey can be used in many ways – as a sweetener in tea, as a spread, in dressings and marinades or even in baked goods.

Limited Summer Honey Box