Bees are incredibly important for an intact ecosystem and a livable future on earth. Without them, neither humans nor animals on earth could survive in the long term. Due to globalization and introduced diseases, bee colonies in Europe can only very rarely survive without beekeepers.

To support this work and directly contribute to the spread of bees, you can personally support a bee colony with us for a year or give away a bee sponsorship to a nature lover.

Our bee colonies in Lübeck-Travemünde, directly on the Baltic Sea, are waiting for your support. Through these you can actively contribute to ensuring that we can keep more bee colonies to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

As a thank you, you will receive videos and photos with information from your sponsored bee colony via email or WhatsApp about twice a month from April until autumn. You will also receive 2 x 250g jars of honey free of charge after each harvest, directly from your sponsors. And for everyone who lives nearby or is in Travemünde, we can offer to show you your Partenvolk in person after registering in advance.

This gives you the opportunity to have direct contact with these exciting and important creatures even without having your own bees.

In order to experience all the honey harvests and receive all the honey, we recommend completing the sponsorship by mid-May each year.

After your order you will receive a personal card in which your people are registered. You can also give these as gifts and bring other people great joy by sponsoring bees.

What you get at a glance:

-Over the summer, videos and photos directly from the sponsored people approximately every two weeks.

-Personal visit to the sponsored people in Lübeck-Trevemünde with advance notice

-2 x 250g honey from each of the three harvests delivered free to your door from the sponsored people.

-A card on which the sponsored people are registered, which can also be used as a gift for nature lovers.

Frequently asked questions about our honeys

Everything you need to know about our honey

What is special about this honey?

Our honey is carefully sourced from local beekeepers and represents the highest quality and purity. Each variety has its unique flavors and health benefits.

Is the honey certified organic?

Our honey is not certified organic because we work with small beekeepers for whom organic certification would not be affordable. This enables us to offer you high-quality and diverse types of honey.

How should I store the honey?

Store the honey in a cool, dark place. Direct sunlight and heat can affect the quality. Close the jar tightly after each use.

How long does the honey last?

Honey theoretically has an almost unlimited shelf life if stored properly. However, each jar has a best-before date, which is indicated on the label.

Can honey crystallize?

Yes, crystallized honey is a natural process and a sign of quality. You can liquefy it again by gently warming it in a water bath.

Is the honey suitable for vegans?

Honey is an animal product and therefore not suitable for a vegan diet. We recommend it for vegetarians and anyone who appreciates natural sweeteners.

What is the best way to use honey?

Honey can be used in many ways – as a sweetener in tea, as a spread, in dressings and marinades or even in baked goods.

Bee sponsorship
  • Bee year: 2025