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📌 Origin: Northern Finland, Lapland

In the sparsely populated regions of northern Finland, beyond the Arctic Circle, bees produce precious Arctic honey of the finest quality in the natural moors, meadows, heathland and forests.

We have put the honey from this unique nature together for you in an elegant gift packaging with a Nordic design.

In our Arctic honey set you will find the following varieties:

🍯Actic cloudberry blossom honey from southern Lapland, with a herbal, spicy, slightly smoky taste

🍯Arctic cranberry blossom honey from the Sodankylä region above the Arctic Circle, with an aromatic, spicy taste

🍯Actic wildflower honey from the riparian regions along the Kiiminkijoki River, with a mild, sweet floral taste

🍯Arctic forest blossom honey from the forests around Oulu at the northernmost end of the Baltic Sea, with an aromatic, fruity taste

What makes this honey set so special?

✔️The honey comes from the northernmost apiaries in the world on and above the Arctic Circle.

✔️Due to the short Arctic summer, this honey is incredibly rare and valuable.

✔️The taste of the honey is incomparable and the bees' environment is completely natural.

✔️The high-quality gift set with arctic honey is the ideal gift for real honey connoisseurs and offers rare and unknown types of honey from the pure nature of northern Finland.


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Arctic honey set of 4 in an elegant Nordic box design