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  • €10,95

    Norwegian mountain blossom honey 250g

    The Norwegian mountains near Trondheim are known for their pure and enchanting nature. Above the valleys, where the air becomes thinner and the wea...

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  • €7,35

    Swedish summer blossom honey 250g

    Sweden: This one comes from the land of many fjords, bright summer nights and the scene of countless enchanted children's stories by Astrid Lindgre...

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  • €6,45

    Spring blossom with maple honey 250g

    This honey rarity is a special mixture of spring flowers collected by the bees. In Brandenburg near the Polish border, maple trees thrive particula...

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  • €19,95

    Hanse honey tasting experience set

    Start a sweet, culinary journey around the Baltic Sea and experience the nature of Northern Europe from a whole new perspective. In our Hanse Honey...

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  • €49,90

    Arctic honey set of 4 in an elegant Nordic box design

    📌 Origin: Northern Finland, Lapland In the sparsely populated regions of northern Finland, beyond the Arctic Circle, bees produce precious Arctic h...

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  • €29,90

    Urbaney city honey set of 4 in a stylish city honey box

    📌 Origin: Germany, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich Moin, Tach ooch, Hello or Hello? Holiday souvenir or souvenir? Spring or summer bloom? Either ...

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