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In summer, the small yellow linden flowers adorn avenues, parks and gardens with their bewitching scent.

But not only the linden flowers are flown to by our bees, but also the honeydew on their leaves. Because the linden tree is a tree that produces two honeys: Linden blossom honey and Linden leaf honey.

The Linden blossom honey is characterized by its light color and its slightly minty aroma. The Linden leaf honey is rather dark and reminds a bit of forest honey with its malty taste. Together with other summer flowers, these two honeys form a wonderfully aromatic honey, which combines the advantages of blossom and honeydew honey.

Its fine consistency makes it an ideal aromatic spread and a sweet reminder of summer in tea on cold days.

Summer blossom honey with linden
  • Weight: 250 g