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Honey from the Baltic Sea is the motto of our company. Hanse Honig not only offers you sustainable and delicious regional honey from northern Germany, but also an unprecedented variety of honey from all over the Baltic Sea region.

We started in 2010 with two colonies of bees, and the fascination with nature and the indispensable work that the bees do was a major impetus.

Anyone who starts beekeeping quickly develops an enthusiasm for the immense variety that self-harvested honey offers. There is hardly anything comparable to honey, which reflects so well the character of nature in which the bees collected the honey. This incredible potential that pure honey can offer us and tell us about nature was established early on as a factor that we recognized as worth protecting. That is why we decided against mixing different types of honey and thus preserve the individual character of each type of honey.

Since the supermarkets are now overcrowded with honeys, the aim of which is to always taste the same and be as cheap as possible, we want to offer an alternative to the ubiquitous, non-traceable mixed honey with our concept and selection.

So we have made it our task to bring selected honeys from the entire Baltic Sea region to Germany in addition to our regional honeys and to offer them to our customers. In addition to the uncompromising quality, the focus is on the fair environment with our carefully selected partner beekeeping. Because once you have seen the work with the bees, you know how much care and time it takes until the first drop of honey is harvested.

With our work we would like to contribute to the fact that the beekeepers are fairly rewarded for their tireless work and see ourselves as the interface between the beekeeper and the customer.

Our passion combines both the fascination with nature as well as the professional marketing of honeys in order to offer you, the customer, the security and the choice to receive a fairly produced, pure natural product. We are proud that not every honey we taste tastes the same, but varies greatly from region to region in terms of appearance, consistency and, above all, taste.

In our constantly growing assortment you can experience both the classic of the German Baltic Sea rapeseed honey and absolutely rare and unique honeys in Germany, such as our Norwegian wildflower honey or Latvian heather honey. In addition, we offer seasonal honey creations at the highest level. E.g. our winter honey at Christmas time or our unusual Halloween honey creations in autumn.

For us, honey is more than just something sweet for tea. We want to take honey to a completely new level and we are constantly looking for the best honeys around the Baltic Sea. Try the large assortment of Hanse honey yourself and discover the topic of honey from a completely new perspective - we look forward to seeing you too!

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