Your honey comes from northern Germany.

For our regional North German honey from our own beekeeping in Travemünde, we take great care that we offer our bees the widest possible range of different flowers throughout the year. For this purpose, we drive our bee colonies to the most beautiful flowering locations on the north German Baltic Sea coast in summer. For the bees, this means a rich supply of nectar sources. For you, this means a large selection of honey types - from classic types like rapeseed to rarer types like our blueberry honey or our Lübeck city honey.


It is important to us to keep the bees' natural rhythm of life and to interfere as little as possible in their complex processes. In addition, it is important to us to spread wildflower strips along the field edges and other suitable places and work closely with the farmers.

By purchasing regional honey, you ensure a landscape with more flowers in your area and a healthy and balanced ecosystem and actively contribute to environmental protection!