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📌 Origin: Germany, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich

Moin, Tach ooch, Hello or Hello? Holiday souvenir or souvenir? Spring or summer bloom?
Either way - urbaney city honey is not only sustainable and makes the city more colorful - it also tastes great! Experience the taste diversity of Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Munich!

In our Urbaney city honey set you will find the following varieties:

🍯Honey from Hamburg “Bees aren’t just on the Reeperbahn”

🍯Honey from Berlin “The next big thing after kebab and currywurst?”

🍯Honey from Cologne “Et kölsche Jrundjesetz §8: Maach et joot, Ă€vver nit zo off”

🍯Honey from Munich “In Bavaria we know: There is nothing good like this”

What makes this honey set so special?

✔The honey comes directly from small beekeepers in Germany's largest cities.

✔Due to the diverse range of flowers in the parks and gardens, our city honey tastes incredibly diverse.

✔Due to the distance from agricultural areas, our city honey is free of pesticides.

✔The modern design of the Stadthonig gift set takes the image of honey to a new level and is the ideal gift for all honey lovers who enjoy completely new types of honey directly from the cities have.


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Urbaney city honey set of 4 in a stylish city honey box