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Finnish summer blossom honey 250g


Finland: The country of many lakes, birch and pine forests with its wild animals like elk and bear is home to this honey delicacy from Hanseatic honey.

This Finnish summer blossom honey comes from a beekeeping in central Finland. In this region there are extensive wildflower and clover meadows as well as large forests with raspberry and cranberry plants.

Since the sun never completely sets here in summer, the Nordic flowers are particularly sun-kissed at this time of year and offer the bees there a nectar from which the golden-yellow, delicately creamy honey arises, which has a particularly floral-fruity aroma.

Due to its exceptional taste, it is just as suitable as a delicacy on the breakfast table as well as in the kitchen for refining particularly fine desserts and as an excellent fruity-sweet addition to salad dressing.

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