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1 x North German forest blossom honey 250g

📌 Origin: Northern Germany

🍯 Taste: Sweet, floral

🍽️ Goes well with: tea

 1 x South German fir honey 250g

📌 Origin: Southern Germany

🍯 Taste: Strong, spicy

🍽️ Goes well with: rolls on the Sunday breakfast table

1 x Latvian forest honey 250g

📌 Origin: Western Latvia, from the protected heathlands near the Baltic Sea.

🍯 Taste: Spicy, characteristic

🍽️ Goes well with: Savory dishes

1 x North German forest blossom honey 250g

Forest honey is known for its dark color and its strong, somewhat malty aroma. Naturally, this delicacy is less common in northern Germany than in southern Germany. However, there are also some wooded regions in northern Germany where you can harvest forest honey.

This forest honey from Hanse Honig comes from the extensive, wooded nature that can be found around the Schaalsee in West Mecklenburg. Its taste is somewhat milder than the strong forest honey from the Black Forest. Its soft, creamy consistency and versatile aromatic taste provide the basis for a varied honey roll with North German forest honey and for pastries with a pleasant honey taste.

1 x South German fir honey 250g

The Black Forest, which lies in the very south-west of Germany, is known for its dense forests and breathtaking nature and is a popular destination for hikers. In this region, the bee colonies that produce this German fir honey are located right in the forest. The honey impresses with its dark color and its strong, slightly resinous taste. A real treasure from the depths of the Black Forest!

1 x Latvian forest honey 250g

In the west of Latvia there are many extensive forests, with numerous pine trees and a diverse plant life. Hanse Honig’s Latvian forest honey comes from this region. It is dark, liquid in consistency and has a malty, aromatic taste that is typical of forest honey.
Due to the rich nature there, it is very versatile in terms of taste and therefore has its very own character, which is similar to German Black Forest honey, but still has its own, slightly sweeter note.
It is just as suitable for a crispy roll as it is for sweetening yoghurt.
An absolute novelty in Germany and a completely new taste enrichment for all forest honey fans!


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