ine malerische Landschaft in Neuseeland mit Bienenvölkern auf grünen Wiesen und sanften Hügeln vor einer beeindruckenden Bergkulisse.

Alternatives to Manuka Honey – Discover the benefits of heather honey and Norwegian mountain flower honey

Why look for alternatives to Manuka honey?

Manuka honey is known for its powerful antibacterial properties and its versatile use in natural medicine. However, there are some points that make it worth considering alternatives:

  • Price : Manuka honey is often very expensive due to its limited availability and high demand.
  • Environment : Transporting Manuka honey from New Zealand has a significant environmental footprint.

Fortunately, there are excellent alternatives in Europe that are not only high quality but also more environmentally friendly. In this article, we present you two outstanding alternatives: heather honey from Latvia and Norwegian mountain flower honey.

1. Heather honey from Latvia

Heather honey is collected by bees that collect nectar from heather flowers. This honey is characterized by its strong, slightly bitter taste and its beautiful reddish-golden color.

Benefits of heather honey:
  • Antibacterial properties : Similar to Manuka honey, heather honey has powerful antibacterial properties that can help in wound healing and treating infections.
  • Rich in antioxidants : Heather honey contains a high concentration of antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body and strengthen the immune system.
  • Regional origin : Our heather honey comes from Latvia, which means shorter transport routes and therefore a smaller ecological footprint.

2. Norwegian mountain blossom honey

Norwegian mountain blossom honey is harvested in the pristine mountains of Norway and contains countless wild flowers and a high proportion of heather honey. This honey has an aromatic, herbal taste and a deep reddish color.

Benefits of Norwegian Mountain Flower Honey:
  • Purity and quality : Norwegian mountain blossom honey is produced in one of the cleanest environments in the world, far from industrial pollution, high on the Norwegian mountain plains.
  • Versatile use : Due to its strong taste, this honey is ideal for enjoying on its own or as a spread on bread.
  • Environmental friendliness : By purchasing European honey, you support sustainable beekeeping and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Frequently asked questions about Manuka honey and its alternatives

1. What is the meaning of MGO and UMF?

Manuka honey is often rated based on its MGO and UMF values, which indicate its antibacterial effectiveness. Heather honey and Norwegian mountain flower honey also have antibacterial properties, but these are not measured in the same way. Instead, you can rely on the high quality and natural purity of our European honeys.

2. How is Manuka honey used?

Manuka honey is used both internally and externally. Our alternatives, heather honey and Norwegian mountain flower honey , are also suitable for both uses. They can be used to strengthen the immune system, for sore throats, for wound healing and as a natural sweetener.

3. Is Manuka honey better than European honey?

The quality of a honey depends on many factors, including the flower source and the purity of the product. Heather honey and Norwegian mountain flower honey offer comparable health benefits and have the added advantage of being produced locally, which is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Conclusion: Why choose European alternatives?

Our heather honey from Latvia and Norwegian mountain flower honey are excellent alternatives to Manuka honey. Not only do they offer comparable health benefits, but they also support local beekeeping and are more environmentally friendly. By choosing these honeys, you get a high-quality product that is not only good for you, but also good for the planet.

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